Better Buildings Program of Greensboro

Home Energy Solutions of the Triad is now part of the Better Buildings Program of Greensboro, North Carolina.

Greensboro residents seeking to make energy efficient upgrades to their homes now have access to a federally funded program available through the City of Greensboro. The BetterBuildings program offers grant assistance and a rebate and incentive package to homeowners who make qualified upgrades that result in at least a 15 percent improvement in their home's energy usage. Click here for more information.

How To Participate?

Step #1: Submit an application with the city. They will inform you of what incentives you qualify for. Incentives are based on income levels and range from $425+Gift Certificate for a new ENERGY STAR appliance+CFL light bulbs, programmable thermostat, aerators, + half of the cost of the energy assessment to a $2,000 grant to spend on energy efficiency improvements recommended by the home performance contractor. Click here to access the Better Buildings Greensboro Residential Program Application.

Step #2: Contact Green Horizon to perform the energy assessment of your home. Only qualified contractors can perform work under the program. Our work is held to the standards of the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program and strict quality assurance is maintained on the work we perform. Click here to contact us.

Step #3: Make improvements to acheive at least a 15% energy savings.

Who Can Participate?

Any homeowner inside Greensboro's city limits can apply to participate in the residential portion of the program.

Better Buildings services available by Home Energy Solutions

Basic Level

  • All required test-in and test-out procedures
  • Air and draft sealing
  • Ductwork sealing
  • Ductwork insulating
  • Attic, floor and wall insulation, including knee wall support
  • Weather-stripping
  • Low faucet aerators
  • Re-lamping of fixtures with CFL or LED lamps
  • Retrofits required to meet ventilation and moisture management requirements
  • Outside ducted kitchen and bath exhaust fans that meet ASHRAE 62.2 standards for ventilation

Intermediate Level

  • All basic level items listed above
  • Carbon-monoxide (CO) and Radon detection equipment/tests
  • Attic radiant barriers
  • HVAC system tune-ups and re-commissioning
  • Replacement of non-Energy Star rated water heater with Energy Star rated model
  • Vapor barriers
  • Storm window and storm door repairs or installations
  • Water heater and water line insulation
  • Window and door repairs

Entire House

  • Basic and intermediate level items listed above
  • Replacement of 10 SEER or less HVAC, heat pumps, or air conditioners with new systems
  • Replacement of windows and doors with Energy Star rated replacement units
  • New lighting fixtures required to utilize CFL or LED lamps
  • Non-Energy Star appliance replacements with Energy Star rated appliances
  • Renewable energy system installations