What Is A Home Energy Analysis?

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It is a fully comprehensive examination of practically every system in your home that uses energy. We use state-of-the-art equipment to provide for you both quantitative and qualitative measurements to illustrate how much energy loss your home is suffering, and to pinpoint exactly where it is occurring. Knowing this vital information is the first step to saving you drastically on your energy bill, and eventually, creating for you a long-term residual income.

What Is The Energy Analysis Process?

blower door test 2Step 1: Initial Interview... During this interview, our auditor collects as much background information as possible about your home. Any existing energy or ventilation problems should be discussed at this stage, as well as your concerns, goals or any plans that you may have for your home (e.g. building an addition, replacing windows, etc.).

Step 2: Outdoor Inspection...This examines all the exterior aspects of the house. A thorough assessment is made of the doors, windows, overhangs and skylights - if any. The outside perimeter of the home will also be taken into account. This includes looking at the building orientation and any vegetation that affects shade and windbreak.

Step 3: Indoor Inspection...The indoor inspection is divided into the following sectionMain Level and Basement... the examination of this area includes: thermostat, furnace, water heater, basement wall and band joist insulation, ducts for sealing and insulation, window sealing and locking and glazing, weather stripping for doors and windows, flooring, washer hoses and overall character of all appliances.

Upper Floors... the examination of this area includes: attic hatch seals, canned lighting, attic insulation/ventilation and sealing of perforations in the ceiling below the attic.s:

Step 4: Diagnostic Testing...This highly technical analysis includes three to five sections:

Blower Door Test...This test will determine the total accumulation of leakage area in your home. We use a high-powered fan to depressurize the entire house and then check the rate at which air reenters the building through unsealed cracks and other openings in the building envelope.

Duct Leakage Testing...This test is very similar to the blower door in that it utilizes a high powered fan, but differs in that it analyzes the total leakage space in your heating and air ducts.
Infrared Imaging...Thermal imaging measures surface temperature anomalies within your home that can, within the right conditions, reveal air leakage, condensation, insulation problems, defects in your HVAC distribution system, and moisture intrusion.

CO2 Analysis...This test measures the current levels of carbon monoxide, draft, and the ultimate efficiency of any combustible appliances (gas furnace, gas water heater, etc) in your home.

Air Balancing... One of the common concerns we hear from our homeowner clients is that certain rooms within their home stay either too warm or too cold. If this is of concern to you, we provide testing to solve the issues that cause this common problem within the home.